1. We act with legal and moral integrity

FORIS AG is a premium service provider in the legal market. This is why it is our desire and obligation to act with legal and moral integrity at all times. In our work, we respect the law, even if we are unhappy with it. We do not conduct business activities in which we take advantage of our business partners. We do not pay or receive any hidden commissions. All agreements are open and transparent. We also ensure that our services are not used or exploited unlawfully for legally dubious actions. We categorically reject any requests of this kind.

2. We are quality- and service-oriented

We offer high-quality services and products. We cooperate closely with our clients, base our activities on their needs and provide them with the best service.

3. We act professionally

We place emphasis on an adequate and professional appearance in all business-related activities. Our position vis-à-vis our shareholders, clients, suppliers and colleagues, and even our competitors and opponents is also based on the core values of integrity, responsibility and respect for the individual. With this in mind, we handle personal and factual problems separately.


4. We act on our own initiative and responsibility

We promote and demand the personal initiative and commitment of our employees who take on responsibility for their actions as colleagues. We recognise the need for action and independently pursue business goals and objectives. Our executives give employees the appropriate freedom for this. We apply our skills specifically and take part in continuous professional development on our own initiative.


5. We are open and honest

We value our clients and colleagues and deal with each other in an open and honest manner. We practice direct communication within the company, independent of any hierarchical structures. We maintain an open exchange of ideas and opinions and share information transparently. Any factual and constructive criticism is encouraged. We understand such criticism is not a statement about the person or our position but as room for improvement.

6. We respect different points of view

We recognise performance and respect the positions of others. If we consider the opinion of another party to be incorrect, we do not obstruct but rather address the problem and seek a solution in negotiations. If necessary, we may also break off the legal process.


7. We are intellectually forthright

We tell the truth in any situation. We speak a clear language and do not hide behind phrases and ambiguities. If we have nothing to say, we remain silent. We identify errors, we analyse the source of the error objectively and constructively, limit the damages and take measures to avoid repetitions.


8. We avoid conflicts of interest

In the case of conflicts of interest with our clients and partners, we do not accept any personal or financial benefits (e.g., gifts, favours, invitations to meals, events or trips). We strictly separate the employee’s private interests from the interests of the company. The Board of Directors and supervisors help employees in unclear situations of conflict with support and advice.


9. We are trustworthy

Confidential information about our company (insider information) and our client will not be disclosed to third parties and not used for personal purposes. We take precautions to ensure that unauthorised persons do not have access to such information. We deal responsibly with company property.


10. We are versatile

We see change as a challenge and an opportunity and promote any new ideas from our employees. The executives make quick, clear and binding decisions based on reasonable information.

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The ligitation financing, the monetisation of disputed claims as well as the establishment and sale of shelf companies are among our most important business areas, which we would like to introduce to you. The foundation services offered by our subsidiary GO AHEAD GmbH complement this spectrum.

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FORIS AG looks back on an interesting corporate history. In addition to an exchange run and the steady expansion of the portfolio, the German market introduction of new products is also part of this.

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