FORIS AG founded
FORIS AG was the initiative of the lawyer Lothar Müller-Güldemeister.
FORIS – market launch of litigation financing
Together with Dr Christian Rollmann on the Board of Management, Lothar Müller-Güldemeister introduced the FORIS-invented commercial litigation financing to the German legal market in 1998. For the first time ever, claimants could draw on the support of a financial services provider with a legal background to enforce their claims in court.
FORIS AG goes public on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt (WKN 577 580). Offices first in Berlin and Bonn, and later on in Frankfurt, Munich and New York.
FORIS translation service and FORIS lawyer directory
The FORIS AG expands its portfolio to include the sale of shelf companies, the FORIS translation service and the FORIS lawyer directory.
Founding of FORATIS AG
The sale of shelf companies grows rapidly. FORIS AG establishes a separate subsidiary – FORATIS AG – for this business segment.
Headquarters in Bonn
In mid-2002, Lothar Müller-Güldemeister resigned from the Board of Management and Dr Christian Rollmann took over as sole CEO of FORIS AG. Headquarters and sole site of the company now in Bonn. FORIS AG acquired the former building of the Hamburg state representation and is now located in the former government district.
Purchase of GO AHEAD
In October 2006, FORIS AG acquires GO AHEAD Limited. Founded in 2003 by Michael Silberberger, GO AHEAD is the market leader in the founding and sale of limited companies in Germany. Thus far, GO AHEAD has founded over 41,000 ltds. and supported nearly as many ltd. founders in fulfilling their ongoing reporting obligations to English authorities.
Support in founding a company
In addition to limited companies, Go Ahead has also offered support in founding entrepreneurial companies since 2009.
Relaunch of GO AHEAD - the founders
In March 2010, the subsidiary GO AHEAD significantly expanded its range of services for the founding and sale of limiteds and German entrepreneurial companies (UG) and relaunched on the market with a new focus. GO AHEAD thus offers extensive services and products beyond the initial founding phase.
Brand launch of FORIS lingua
After ten years, the FORIS translation service became FORIA lingua. With its new brand name, the translation service provider positions itself in the market as an experienced specialist for legal translations in the areas of law and economics.
Change of management
On July 1, 2010, Mr. Ralf Braun is appointed to the Management board of FORIS AG. The graduate economist strengthens the financial expertise of FORIS.
GO AHEAD with innovation for start-up entrepreneurs
By setting up a wizard for founding legal companies, GO AHEAD is the first to offer a tool for generating articles of association for GmbH and UG start-ups. Start-up entrepreneurs can click through a template for their articles of association, which can be customised with any important content.
FORIS litigation costs calculator launched for the first time as an app
With an app version of the litigation costs calculator, the online calculator can now be used on the go. It also contains an innovation: With a built-in comparison calculator, the costs or benefits of a settlement can be calculated easily.
Change in the Board of Directors
The lawyer and solicitor (England/Wales) Theo Paeffgen is appointed to the Board of Directors on 1 January. He replaces JUDr. Peter Falk, who ended his term on 15 February, and ever since the company has been guided by the new dual leadership of Ralf Braun and Theo Paeffgen.
Market launch of FORIS monetisation
With the FORIS monetisation of contested claims, FORIS opens up a new target group for the company. FORIS monetisation offers companies the possibility of both support in legal action as well as the enforcement of the contested claim by FORIS, while at the same time providing the opportunity to pay off a portion of the disputed claims.
Restructuring the FORIS brand
FORIS AG consolidates its services under one name: FORIS. These include litigation financing, shelf companies (formerly FORATIS) and FORIS monetisation of contested claims. This move is accompanied by a new look that also clearly unites the services we provide you.
FORIS – DSW Cooperation
FORIS AG has concluded an agreement on cooperation with Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz (DSW), Germany’s leading association for private investors. Among other things, this cooperation provides that FORIS as a litigation financer assumes the costs of legal disputes in return for a performance-related revenue share within the scope of the agreed exclusivity. In addition to financing, both parties have agreed on further services designed to provide investors at an early stage with information about losses incurred through or threatened by investment products, and about the possibilities for keeping litigation expense risks to a minimum.

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FORIS AG is managed by two directors with powers of representation, each with their own core tasks. The functions of the supervisory board are carried out by three people.

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