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Since we launched litigation costs financing in Germany in 1998, it has been in high demand. This is due to its simple and compelling principle: anyone who does not want to or cannot take on the risk of litigation can outsource it to us. If you lose your case, we pay all the costs. If you win, we receive a part of the awarded value. Given our extensive activities in the field, we have a great deal of experience in assessing cases submitted to us. As the largest independent supplier on the market, we have a distinct advantage: We make our decisions freely and independently based on objective and clear criteria. To the benefit of our clients and shareholders.

FORIS monetisation
turn your litigation worries into cash

Having invented commercial litigation costs financing, we are the first to offer monetisation  of contested claims in Germany. This means: our clients allow us to carry out their legal dispute, need not worry about costs of litigation and can avoid the effort and the rigours of going to court, whilst at the same time increasing their liquidity. No provisions for litigation costs, no hassles, no worries: Our clients can focus on their business again.

FORIS shelf companies
fast, secure and a wide-ranging offer

Our shelf companies have been legally established but have yet to conduct any commercial activities. Thus, our clients are now able to do business with a company in the legal form they need. At the same time, they protect themselves from any nasty surprises. We stand out by offering most German locations and are geographically closer to our clients. Our portfolio is equally diverse: These include the "German classics" as well as corporations from outside Europe or the European  jointstock corporation (Societas Europaea – SE).

GO AHEAD – the founders

Our expertise of more than 41,000 businesses in the form of the UK limiteds now benefit start-up founders in almost all legal forms. With the web-based founding wizard for German entrepreneurial companies (UG) or German limited liability companies (GmbH) we have once again created an innovative solution by offering a complete online solution for establishing a legal entity. As the market leader, we focus on ensuring that the company founders can start their company and put all their energy into the company safely, quickly and without red tape. With a one-stop-solution, GO AHEAD makes it easier and simpler for founders to get their business started.

Cor­po­ra­te go­ver­nan­ce

FORIS AG is managed by two directors with powers of representation, each with their own core tasks. The functions of the supervisory board are carried out by three people.

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Com­pa­ny guil­de­li­nes

FORIS AG guidelines apply to all employees of FORIS AG and govern how we deal with daily tasks and with our business partners and colleagues.

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