What exactly is FORIS's litigation financing?

Legal disputes cannot always be avoided. Especially if a lot of money is at stake. Individuals and corporates who want to enforce their right in court, take on a large financial risk. FORIS helps those who do not want to bear this risk on their own, with litigation financing, a legal and financial support service invented by FORIS.

Learn how it works and when it is used.

  • More about the simple and convincing principle
  • More about the requirements
  • More on the amount of revenue share

Your strong partner

In more than 15 years, we have established extensive expertise in litigation financing. Our team of experienced and specialised lawyers has already examined more than 10,000 cases with a claim value of EUR seven billion.
As the largest independent litigation and legal financial services provider, FORIS is a strong partner. FORIS is a discrete and publicly traded company, independent of parent organisations in its decision making. A possible conflict of interest is therefore eliminated. With us, it does not matter who your opponent is.

The advantages litigation financing offers

  • Benefits for corporates
  • Benefits for lawyers
  • Benefits for individuals
  • Advantages over state legal aid (PKH)
Ty­pi­cal ca­ses

Become familiar with typical cases

  • Corporates against insurances
  • Corporates against concerns
  • Corporates against producers
  • Consumer cases

The financing process

  • Get to know the individual steps
  • Simple application process
  • Interesting insights for lawyers and clients
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