Outsource your litigation risks

The advantages of litigation financing are obvious. Without it, many clients would not have the chance to successfully enforce their claims both in and out of court. However, even if you can afford to carry the financial risks yourself, it may still be beneficial to outsource the financial risk and gain helpful support for your case based on years of extensive experience and legal know-how from FORIS. That way, your capital is no longer tied to the case, relieving your cash flow and maintaining a dynamic position for you and your business.

Your benefits as a corporate

All in all, we keep your back free so you can focus on what's essential, your business's success.

Your benefits as a lawyer


We strengthen your position

First, we ensure equality of arms. FORIS does not fear financially strong opponents. We also fund trials against big corporations, insurances and banks. In addition, we strengthen your position through our entry as a financer. For legal disputes, it is often necessary to persevere to the very end. Competence and endurance are strengths every opponent feels.

Your benefits as a private individual.

Advantages compared to governmental legal aid (PKH)

Your strong partner

In more than 15 years we have established extensive expertise in litigation financing. Our team of experienced and specialised lawyers has already examined more than 10,000 cases with a claim value in excess of EUR seven billion.
As the largest independent litigation and legal financial services provider, FORIS is a strong partner. FORIS is a discrete and publicly traded company, independent of parent organisations in its decision making. A possible conflict of interest is therefore eliminated. With us, it does not matter who your opponent is.
Ty­pi­cal Ca­ses

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  • corporates against insurances
  • corporates against concerns
  • corporates against producers
  • consumer cases

The litigation financing process

  • Learn the individual steps
  • Simple application process
  • Interesting insights for lawyers and clients

Litigation costs calculator

Quickly determine the possible costs of your lawsuit based on legal fees and court costs. Also available as an app for your smartphone.

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