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Monetisation as a new option

In addition to litigation funding, corporates can also benefit from our monetising their claims. Monetisation is yet another tool to broaden your risk management options.


Cash Advance through monetisation

In addition to FORIS covering your litigation costs, you will receive an upfront cash payment on your disputed claims. Immediately and without risk. Monetisation will give you more freedom, e.g. to invest in your business.

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The idea

No accruals and instead fresh liquidity

Would not making any accruals for the cost of litigation be desirabel for you? No liquidity leakage? This is what monetization will offer you. Furthermore, you will benefit from a cash injection, possibly longbefore your claim will be adjudicated. Free up Management and Legal from the effects og lengthly legal disputes.


Instant cash an no litigation cost

Neither the litigation costs nor the duration of the proceedings will be an issue for you when chossing monetisation. We will fund the litigation costs as well as offer an advance cash payment on your claim. FORIS will also support you with case management.

Cash advance

The amount you will receive

FORIS will only earn only if the case is will end successfully, while you will be entitled to keep the advanced cash in any event - even if the litigation will not be successful. You will further remain spared from all the litigation cost.

The amount available as cash advance will be determined on a case-by-case basis and largely depend on the legal and commercial risks relevant to the individual case. In the most favourable case the cash advance will reach up to 30% of the disputed claim.


Highly meritorious cases

Monetisation will be particularly promising when:

  • Your claim values above €250.000
  • You or your counsel have concluded the chances of success to be significantly better than 50:50
  • The Defendant has a solid credit rating


Your Advantages with FORIS

Rely on us as an independent partner at your side. We do not shy away from financially strong opponents and approach your case with all our expertise and experience. This approach will ensure you can continue to focus on what has prority: your succes as a business.

Your financial benefits as a business

  • You won't tie your liquidity to the litigation and will instead be able to inbvest it in your business.
  • You will improve the cash flow, especially as you will receive the monetised claim at the outset of the dispute.
  • You will protect your balance sheet as you won't have to make accruals for the cost litigation.
  • You will protect yourself against excessive, especially if the litigation will be unsuccesful.

Allow yourself to focus on what you really care about

If you monetise your claim, you get rid of many concerns typically caused by lengthy and costly litigation. No accurats, less trouble, no worries: You will get your head free to promote your core business.

Support through legal projectmanagement

Management and Legal will be supported through our legal project management. Through our case monitoring we also provide our second opinions, experience and legal know-how for your benefit.

Liquidate disputed receivables without risk

A legal dispute can take a long time and go through multiple steps and involve serveral court instances. Some defendants will endeavour to take advantage of this circumstance, especially when large exposures are at risk. They factor in you may be intimidaded by the situation. And in fact: How valuable is it to find justice after many years when you could have used the money earlier?

Next Steps


We examine your case free of charge

We will review the merits of your case. As for litigation funding, we will typically need the underlying case documents through your lawyer or your legal department.

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3 Case Assessment
4 Contract
5 Cash advance
Prospects of succes
Prospects of succes

The key is to determine how likely your case can be won.

Your legal department or an external counsel will share an initial legal assessment of the case and conclude that the case has excellent prospects of success.

Contact us
Contact us

How to proceed

We will be happy to discuss with you what to do next based on the specifics of your case. The easiest way to reach us is to give us a call: +49 228 95750-50

>To the litigation funding/monetization team

Alternatively, you can use our contact form:

>Send us a monetization request

Case Assessment
Case Assessment

FORIS review the monetisation of your case

Together with you, we will discuss all aspects that seem relevant to us. This may include legal or economic aspects as well as strategic and practical questions. In this phase, we will review all relevnat documents, obtain additional expert onions if neccessary and confer with you. 


Litigation funding contract plus monetisation

If the case ist suitable for funding, our offer always includes covering the entire legal costs. At the same time we will let you know about any opportunity for monetisation. You will decide whther the litigation shall be supplemented by our monetization.

Cash advance
Cash advance

More liquidity for you

following the conclusion of the contract, you will recieve the agreed cash advance payment at the outset of your dispute.

Depending on the individual case, further stepos will be initiated, be it a court action, arbitration, mediation or settlement negotiations. At this point, we will start our case management and will pay the first costs of the proceedings.

Nothing you should worry about.

Contact - we are there for you
Your contact person
Conny Leuschner
Conny Leuschner Legal Assistant, Marketing/Communication

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Contact - we are there for you
Your contact person
Conny Leuschner
Conny Leuschner Legal Assistant, Marketing/Communication