Safely liquidate contested claims

A legal dispute can take a long time and go through multiple steps. Some legal opponents take advantage of this, especially when there is a high value in dispute. This is a calculated strategy to intimidate you from the very beginning. And indeed: What use is it if you win a case after several years but needed the money much earlier? This is why FORIS invented monetisation; you receive a part of your disputed claim in advance regardless of the outcome of the trial. In other words: you expand your room for manoeuvre.

Relief from our lawyers

Our lawyers significantly relieve your management and legal department of the burden of managing the case. By closely monitoring the case, we are able to continuously provide a second opinion as well as our experience and legal expertise.

Concentrate on what´s important

If you monetise your dispute, you can withdraw from a potentially long and costly legal procedure. No provisions, no hassles, no worries: You can focus on your business again.

Your advantages as an entrepreneur

Ihr starker Partner

Drawing on our many years acting as a litigation financing institution, we build on this experience to offer you a new service in monetisation. Our team of experienced and specialised lawyers has assessed over 10,000 cases with a total value of over EUR seven billion.
As the largest independent litigation financing institution, FORIS is your strong partner. We are an independent, publicly traded joint stock company. As such, it doesn't matter who your opponent in court is. We are able to choose freely and only focus on the success of your litigation.

This is how monetisation works

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The process of monetisation

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Find quickly and easily your process costs consisting of attorney fees and court costs. There is also an app for your smartphone.

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