1 As­sess­ment
2 Con­tact
3 Fi­nan­cing
4 Mo­ne­ti­sa­ti­on
5 Agree­ment
1 As­sess­ment

Assessing the chances of success is important.

Anyone considering going to court needs a lawyer they can trust, one who will carry out a legal assessment of the prospects for success. Either your legal department or an external lawyer draws up the initial legal appraisal of the case for you, which we require for the assessment.

2 Con­tact

Get in touch with us.

A requirement is a value in dispute of EUR 1,000,000 or more. You lawyer has positively assessed the prospects for success and advises you to take action. You opt for monetisation and contact us directly or via your lawyer. Please send us a draft complaint or a legal opinion. Our check list for litigation financing ensures that we receive all important information and documents. We are therefore able to assess the case in regard to monetisation quickly and comprehensively.

3 Fi­nan­cing

FORIS assesses the possibilities for financing.

Based on the submitted documents, we assess the possibilities of litigation costs financing at no charge. We then inform you and your lawyer and discuss everything else at a face-to-face meeting. If all requirements are met, you will receive a litigation costs financing agreement.

4 Mo­ne­ti­sa­ti­on

FORIS assesses the monetisation

Parallel to the examination and preparation of the litigation costs financing agreement, we verify the prerequisites for monetisation of contested claims. We discuss the possibilities with you and your lawyer and present an offer for monetisation as well as the amount of the advance payment.

5 Agree­ment

A monetisation agreement or litigation cost financing agreement is drawn up.

The choice is yours: If the results are positive, we can conclude a monetisation agreement. Or you can choose to only enter into a litigation costs financing agreement with us. This is the basis for litigation financing with us.

Your strong partner

Drawing on our many years acting as a litigation financing institution, we build on this experience to offer you a new service in monetisation. Our team of experienced and specialised lawyers has assessed over 10,000 cases with a total value of over EUR seven billion.
As the largest independent litigation financing institution, FORIS is your strong partner. We are an independent, publicly traded joint stock company. As such, it doesn't matter who your opponent in court is. We are able to choose freely and only focus on the success of your litigation.
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What are the benefits of monetarizing entrepreneurs

  • for liquidity
  • for the cashflow
  • for the balance sheet
  • for the ligitation

This is how monetisation works

  • more about the simple but convincing principle
  • more about applicable requirements
  • more about the amount of payment


Find quickly and easily your process costs consisting of attorney fees and court costs. There is also an app for your smartphone.

Maren WicharzMaren Wicharz Assistant to the Board
+49 228 95750-20


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