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Purchase shelf AG

Shelf AGs - from a leading specialist

A German joint stock company ready for operation within 24 hours and without risk - that is what we have to offer you. Our companies are ready for immediate acquisition at the locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg and Munich. Our shelf AG has not engaged in any previous business activities and is completely encumbered.

Shelf AG
incl. €50,000 share capital
  • Fast
  • Unencumbered
  • Nationwide locations
  • Legally secure
  • With bank account
  • Transparency register entry
    after acquisition on request
Purchase price: €56,500
Any questions? We are here for you!

Buying a German Shelf AG means being able to act immediately

Our shelf AGs (public limited company / stock company) have already been founded and entered in the commercial register - we bear the full foundation risk and deliver a risk-free and legally secure AG to you. You can get started immediately.

Our experience is your advantage

In concrete terms this means fast and flawless processing with the required legal certainty, quality and maximum flexibility – because we know what it means to have to be able to act on behalf of your company from one moment to the next. We provide you with support from the first to the very last step of the way.

> Reserve now free of charge & without obligation: AG as shelf company

Bank account

Each shelf AG is provided with a formation account, where the share capital is fully paid-up.

Shelf AG in Berlin, Frankfurt or at other important business locations in Germany

FORIS is active throughout Germany and offers you numerous founding locations for a shelf AG. You can currently choose from Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg and Munich. Other locations are available on request. Stay flexible!

Process - In just 5 steps to the new AG - with full legal certainty

We know you are in a hurry: That is why we keep the process short and uncomplicated. There are just 5 steps from reservation of your shelf AG to notarized assumption – within 24 hours.

1 reservation
2 advance information
3 purchase price
4 documents by courier
5 notary

Make your reservation free of charge and without obligation

Whether by telephone, form or online via our homepage - your reservation is without obligation, free of charge and valid for one week. You need a longer period? No problem, we are flexible.

> Reserve your shelf AG online

> Reservation request by e-mail

advance information
advance information

advance information

After reservation you will receive from us:

  Questionnaire on acquisition of the shelf AG

  Notification of registration from the commercial register

  Certificate of incorporation and articles of association

  Company's current account statement

Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, you will receive a personalized draft of a purchase and assignment agreement for acquisition of the shares. You return the signed copies to us and the contract is concluded with our countersignature.

purchase price
purchase price

purchase price payment

You can transfer the purchase price for the shelf AG to a FORIS account. If you want to make a quick payment, we recommend an instant/express transfer.

Alternatively, an attorney or tax advisor approved in Germany can provide us with confirmation of the purchase price payment deposited in his or her escrow account. The prerequisite is the previous, clearly declared purpose of such forwarding to us or a written, irrevocable and unconditional undertaking. In these cases the purchase price increases by EUR 200 to cover our additional expenses.

documents by courier
documents by courier

documents by overnight courier

Once the purchase price has been paid or its payment has been secured, we ensure free availability of the full share capital on the company’s account.

The originals of the sale and corporate documents as well as the bank confirmation of complete payment of the share capital will be sent to your notary by courier.

At the AG we exchange the previous corporate officers in accordance with your specifications.


appointment at the notary

You make an appointment with a notary of your choice. There, the necessary changes in the articles of association are notarized – in particular the change of name and the new corporate purpose.

Your notary now submits registration of all of the changes for entry in the commercial register and sends us a simple copy of the deeds.

We wish you much success with your public limited company!

Questions about the AG as a shelf company

Can I increase the capital of an AG without further ado?

Yes. As soon as you are registered as a shareholder of the corporation and you have additionally seen to the legitimisation at the founding bank or opened a new corporate bank account, you are free to increase the capital of the corporation. 

How does the purchase of a public limited company work?

If you have reserved an AG then you will receive an email from FORIS with general samples and company specific information. 

In addition, you will also find a questionnaire attached with this email which you should complete and send or return by email to FORIS. You will also receive the payment details which you need for transferring the purchase price to FORIS. 

Even though the acquisition of a public limited company does not require a transfer of shares needing certification, you will still need a notary appointment at a notary’s office of your choice to complete the acquisition.

Once FORIS has received the purchase price and the questionnaire, we arrange for the company documents to be sent to the notary by overnight courier. 

At the notary appointment, the notarial entry of the changes to the company (company trading name, managing director and others) in the commercial register proceeds. Once the new managing director has been entered in the commercial register, s/he can now apply for the capital or the company bank account to be transferred. For this purpose, please contact your commercial bank. 

Contact - we are there for you
Your contact person
Doina Roman
Doina Roman Senior Consultant
Contact - we are there for you
Your contact person
Doina Roman
Doina Roman Senior Consultant