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Purchase GmbH shelf company

GmbH shelf companies - from a leading specialist

Buy a ready-to-operate GmbH (German company limited by shares) within 24 hours without risk - that is our proposition to you, throughout Germany, at 16 locations. Our GmbH shelf companies are free of any prior business history and are hence legally unencumbered.

GmbH shelf company
Including share capital €25,000
  • Fast
  • Unencumbered
  • 16 founding locations
  • Legally compliant
  • Comes with existing bank account

Optional additionally: "ComfortPlus" package

  • Notifying the Transparency Register*
  • Extract from the Transparency Register
  • Registering your company for tax*
  • Forms and explanations for registering a commercial license*
  • Notarial mediation

* legally required


Purchase price: from €28,500
Any questions? We are here for you!

Purchasing a GmbH shelf company means to own a company immediately ready for business

FORIS' GmbH shelf companies are pre-established for you and registered in the commercial court register - we spare you from the risks associated with legally establishing a company and provide you with a risk-free and legally protected GmbH. You can start whenever you want.

Our experience is your advantage

What does this mean specifically for you? Fast and flawless processes, legally protected solutions that come with quality and flexibility - since we know what it takes to start operating a business under time pressure. We support you from the outset through to completion.

> Reserve now free of charge & without obligation: GmbH as shelf company

Bank account in two variants

Each GmbH shelf company comes with an existing bank account established with one of our partner banks, such as Hoerner Bank or Qonto Bank.

Through the convenient credit transfer by order check, you have the option to transfer the company's share capital to a business account of your choice at a partner of your choice, be it, for example, Postbank, Sparkasse, Volksbank, Deutsche Bank and many others.

We offer you the following two bank models to choose from in order to flexibly meet your individual requirements.

Variant 1: Transferable bank account

Immediately following the purchase GmbH shelf company and the necessary verification by the bank, you will be able to take the account over and dispose of the funds we had paid in.

The bank will require your self-identification.

Variant 2: credit transfer by order cheque

If you do not wish to take over a bank account, then an order cheque will be issued for the company’s existing share capital and you can transfer this cheque to a new bank account opened by you for the company.

The founder account is not available for further business activities. The old account expires after the cheque has been cashed.

GmbH shelf company in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt or at any other of our 16 founding locations in Germany

FORIS operates throughout Germany and offers you numerous founding locations for a GmbH shelf company. At present, you can choose from 16 locations including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and many more. Other locations are available on request. You can decide with all flexibility and in line with your preference!

Implementation - Only 5 steps to your new GmbH, with full legal reliability

We know your time is precious: This is why we keep our processes succinct and unbureaucratic. From the reservation of your shelf GmbH to the notarial takeover there are only 5 steps - and that within 24 hours.

1 Reservation
2 Information
3 Purchase price
4 Documents by courier
5 Notary appointment

Make your reservation free of charge and without obligation

Whether by telephone, by form or online via our homepage - you can rely on your reservation for a full week, and you can freely cancel your reservation and free of charge at any time. You need a longer reservation period? No problem, we will provide the flexibility you need.

> Reserve your shelf GmbH online

> Reservation request by e-mail


Some information upfront

Following your reservation we will provide you with:

√ Questionnaire for the acquisition of a GmbH shelf company
√ Registration notice of the Commercial Court Register
√ Certificate of incorporation
√ Current statement of the company´s bank account
√ Draft of a purchase and assignment agreement

If you have any questions or need help filling out the questionnaire, we are of course here to support you.

Purchase price
Purchase price

Purchase price payment

You can pay the purchase price for the GmbH shelf company to FORIS’ bank account. If you need an expedited company transfer we recommend a direct/flash wire payment.

Alternatively, you can choose an attorney or tax consultant licensed in Germany to confirm the payment of the purchase price being deposited in his escrow for the benefit of FORIS. For this option, we will require to obtain a written declaration that confirms the exclusive purpose of the money in escrow is to be paid to us. No conditions or reservations will be accepted. For this option, the purchase price will minimally increase by €100 as administrative fee.

Documents by courier
Documents by courier

Documents by courier

For an expedited transfer of your shelf company, we will send all necessary corporate documents in advance by e-mail to your notary public. The original documents will then be sent to the notary's office by courier.

Notary appointment
Notary appointment

Notary appointment

You will arrange a notary appointment. The notary public will certify the purchase and assignment agreement as well as all necessary changes, if any.

The acquisition of your GmbH shelf company will be completed with the registration of all changes in the commercial court register as facilitated by the notary public.

We wish you all success with your GmbH!

Even easier with the “ComfortPlus” services package

Founding or buying a company in Germany, you need to plan carefully and consider all the legal, tax and economic aspects. Buying a pre-existing and unencumbered limited liability company significantly reduces your level of risk and saves you time. However, there is more to acquiring an operational business than just buying the company. You also need to take numerous official notifications into account.

  • Notifying the Transparency Register (UBO Register)
  • Transparency Register extract (UBO Register extract)
  • Registering your company for tax/obtaining a tax ID number or VAT identification number
  • Forms and explanations for registering a commercial license
  • Notarial mediation

We are happy to help you tackle your upcoming tasks and required notifications so that you can get your business off the ground, write invoices and start earning money even faster.

Questions about the GmbH as a shelf company

How does the purchase of a GmbH proceed?

If you have reserved a limited liability company, you will receive an email from FORIS with general samples and company specific information. 

In addition, you will find a questionnaire in the email, which you must complete and return/email to FORIS. The email also contains the payment details you need for transferring the purchase price to FORIS. 

The acquisition of a GmbH entails a transfer of company shares requiring certification therefore you will need a notary appointment at a notary’s office of your choice to complete the acquisition.

Once FORIS has received the purchase price and questionnaire, we arrange for the company documents to be sent to the notary by overnight courier. 

At the notary appointment, the notarised acquisition of your GmbH takes place. 

At the same time and in addition to the purchase and transfer agreement, the changes to the company are also notarially entered in the commercial register. Once the new managing director is registered in the commercial register, s/he can now apply for the share capital or the company bank account to be transferred. For this purpose, please contact your commercial bank. 

Is there a minimum number of shareholders required for a German GmbH (limited liability company, Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)?

A German corporation always requires at least one shareholder. There are no other restrictions or requirements for a maximum number of shareholders, but the presence of all the shareholders or their authorized representatives is required for the notarization. 

Furthermore, the preparation of the documents can be difficult due to an increased number of partners, as each one is named in the purchase contract together with their personal details. 

What advantages does a shelf company have versus an existing GmbH?

The advantages lie in risk avoidance. Risks are much easier to assess in the case of shelf companies which have been hitherto dormant. The situation is different with existing limited liability companies which were once operational. Here unpleasant inherited burdens can still cause costs to skyrocket unexpectedly even after acquiring the company.

What advantages does a GmbH have versus a UG?

The GmbH offers the advantage that it allows higher investments right at the beginning due to the required founding capital of 25,000 euros. Furthermore, there is no obligation to use the company profits to increase the capital.

Which documents does FORIS require from the buyer before acquiring a German GmbH?

In the run-up to acquiring a German GmbH, the buyer must undergo our own KYC process due to the money laundering restrictions. We do this by using a questionnaire to enquire about the acquirer(s), the new managing director(s), the notarising notary’s office, the power of attorney holder and the new company name as well as the future business address of the company. 

Furthermore, if the acquirers are a legal entity, we require an extract from the commercial register of the acquiring company with a clearly identifiable beneficial owner. In the event that the acquirer is a real person, we require a valid identification document from them. 

Can I increase the capital of a GmbH without further ado?

Yes. As soon as you are registered as a shareholder of the corporation in the commercial register and you have additionally seen to the legitimisation at the founding bank or opened a new corporate bank account, you are free to increase the capital of the corporation.

Does FORIS sell GmbHs with employee leasing?

No. FORIS principally does not sell companies with employee leasing please see the AÜG (Temporary Employment Act).

If, for example, you need a GmbH with temporary personnel leasing, then you can acquire the GmbH from us as a shelf company and apply for an employee leasing permit from the employment agency responsible for your federal state after purchasing the company and the commencement of operations. Further information on the topic of temporary employment can be found at the

Contact - we are there for you
Your contact person
Yvonne Riegel
Yvonne Riegel Consultant
Contact - we are there for you
Your contact person
Yvonne Riegel
Yvonne Riegel Consultant