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1 Re­ser­va­ti­on
2 In­iti­al In­for­ma­ti­on
1 Re­ser­va­ti­on

Reserve your company, free of charge and without commitment

Opt for one of our locations of incorporation and reserve the desired shelf company free of charge and without any commitment. Your reservation lasts for a week. If you want to extend this reservation, please contact us. You may reserve via phone, e-mail to or through our inquiry service.

Initial Information
2 In­iti­al In­for­ma­ti­on

Initial information to configure your shelf company

We confirm your reservation immediately and provide you with copies of the following documents: notification of registration from the commercial register, certificate of incorporation and a current bank statement. Customers who have selected a KG, AG or SE, will in addition receive a draft sale and purchase agreement after we have received the necessary information.


All customers will receive our questionnaire. Please complete this form, provide us with the requested information and send it to us as soon as possible by mail, fax or e-mail.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Purchase price: wire payment or escrow account

You may want to directly wire the purchase price to the account stated in your reservation confirmation. Alternatively, you may want to wire the purchase price to your lawyers, notaries or tax consultant’s client account - for the exclusive purpose of distribution to us upon delivery of the shelf company – and your advisor confirms to us that they have received and hold sufficient funds in settlement of the purchase price on client account.


Where a KG, AG or SE has been chosen, the closing of the acquisition of the shares is processed as follows: you send us the two (2) original executed copies of the sale and purchase agreement, which constitute the binding offer to purchase the shelf company. We countersign these two (2) originals, which constitutes the closing of the sale and purchase agreement.


You will receive all documents regarding your shelf company by courier

Once the purchase price has been paid or the payment has been secured on a client account, we will provide you with access to the company's corporate bank account with fully paid share capital.

The original corporate documents as well as the bank's confirmation of the full credit of your shelf company's share capital available on the corporate bank account will be forwarded to your notary by courier.

In the case of an AG or SE, we will exchange the board members following your instructions. In the case of a UG, GmbH or the GmbH & Co. KG, the sale and purchase agreement has to be sealed by a notary. In order to execute such agreement in front of a notary, we will provide the required power of attorney to execute the sale and purchase agreement and pass the necessary shareholder resolutions on our behalf to a person you designate. We are happy to provide you with our set of the necessary draft bi-lingual (German – English) documents.


Final step: notary appointment

With the help of our set of draft documents ready prepared for your purchase, you can finalise the acquisition of your shelf company with the notary of your choice and execute the necessary notifications for filing of all changes made with the commercial register. Please check who needs to be present at the signing and what documents (ID card, power of attorney, translations of foreign documents with Apostille, etc.) are required for the execution with your notary or lawyer.


After the execution of the documents, your notary submits all notifications of changes for registration to the commercial register and provides us with copies of the sale and purchase agreement and the notifications filed with the commercial register.

After the acquisition

Some aspects which need to be observed are common to all types of shelf companies. Others depend on the type of the acquired shelf company. Your lawyer or notary will inform you about the latter items. We are happy to guide you through the general items.

Ensuring the new business address

The commercial register will publish your new German corporate address. Please ensure that this new corporate address is in fact immediately available and ready to receive mail (company name on letterbox). The old address of the company will no longer be good for service.


Corporate bank account

First option:

The corporate bank account is not available for ongoing business operations. The closing of the account is affected by the issue of a bank guaranteed check in the amount of the fully paid share capital, which we will provide to you together with the package of closing documents by courier.  Once the check has been credited on the new corporate bank account with the bank of your choice, the old corporate bank account will be closed.

Second option:

The corporate bank account is available for ongoing business operations. The new management has to provide sufficient proof of identification (ID-card or passport) and sample original signature to the bank in order to gain full access to the corporate bank account. We are happy to assist and provide you with the necessary information, documents and steps required.


Tax ID (does not apply to Berlin)

You need to apply to the local tax authority that is responsible for the area of the new corporate address of your shelf company to receive a tax ID and if desired VAT tax ID. Our German shelf companies are registered with the tax authority of Bonn City, Welschnonnenstr. 15, 53111 Bonn. However, prior to the sale, no tax ID’s are allocated to our shelf companies. Therefore, after your acquisition and registration of your shelf company with the responsible tax authority, your company will receive its first tax ID.

Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette)

Remember to publish your annual accounts or other mandatory publications of your shelf company online via: If you wish, you can instruct us to ensure the filings and publications for your shelf company. Contact us to obtain our offer for this service.

Your experienced partner

For more than fourteen years, we have been establishing and selling German shelf companies. During this time, we established more than 7,000 companies. We are the market leader in Germany and impress our clients every day with our legal expertise and reliable execution.
Many German and international law companies, tax advisers, auditors, M&A consultants, companies and corporate groups pu their trust in our service and purchase their companies from FORIS as fully established shelf company. Our clients save time and avoid the potential liability associated with the incorporation of companies.

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