Our corporate structure

The FORIS AG is a publicly traded stock corporation. The majority of shares is held by private investors. We have no parent corporation and are thereby the largest German independent litigation financer. Working with the market leader has several advantages: firstly, due to our independence, there are absolutely no conflicts of interest; we do not have to be concerned about the interests of a parent corporation. Secondly, for us, it is irrelevant who you are up against, and we will not back down from financially stronger opponents. We decide and direct on the basis of one criteria only: what is best for your case.

A look at FORIS’ history

FORIS was incorporated in 1996. We invented commercial litigation financing in 1998 and have been establishing it as a successful instrument in the German speaking world. This was a revolution, because since then claimants have been able to enforce their claims without risking their own cash. After our stock was publicly offered and traded (IPO) in 1999, we expanded and broadened our services by founding several daughter companies offering many different legal services. In 2016, we bundled these services and are offering them under the name of FORIS. Now our customers receive all of our services and products from a single source.



Maren Wicharz


Maren Wicharz Assistant to the Board
+49 228 95750-20

Li­ti­ga­ti­on fi­nan­cing by FO­RIS

Enforce your rights. We assume the financial risk. Should you lose your case, FORIS bears the costs, also the adverse costs of your opponent.

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Mo­ne­ti­sa­ti­on by FO­RIS

As the front-runner in Germany, FORIS offers the monetisation of disputed claims. Liquidity instead of trouble and expense - with our revolutionary product you will receive your money while we take care of the struggle.

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Shelf com­pa­nies by FO­RIS

We provide you with a shelf company swiftly and securely, so you are immediately ready for action.

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Maren WicharzMaren Wicharz Assistant to the Board
+49 228 95750-20


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