As a legal-financial services provider, we can look back at many years of experience. Our customers value us as a reliable partner who combines legal expertise with financial and economic know-how. We base all of our decisions on our due diligence of the facts and the legal basis of the cases. Our case assessments are carried out purely based on objective and plausible reasoning. This is part of our independence.

For us, freedom – also economical – is the foundation for entrepreneurial success. With our performance and products we expand your reach. This allows you to keep your independence and range of options, regardless if you just employ us to enforce your rights, use our monetisation or just want to acquire a shelf company from us. With our assistance, you can again focus on what really matters most to you and clear your head for new ideas and challenges.

Product innovation

In 1998, we invented and established litigation financing in Germany, and have been in the business of litigation financing ever since. In 2016, we established our innovation, the monetisation of disputed claims.


We take the time to work in an accurate and careful manner. With experience, precision and dedication, our highly qualified lawyers check every step and last detail, and provide helpful feedback and support to you all the way.


We are an independent and publicly traded company. Therefore, we know no conflicts of interest in our decision making, for the benefit of our customers.


You will always be able to rely on the expert guidance and dedicated support of our team from beginning to end.

Personal care

We believe that personal interaction is the basis for a successful collaboration.


We constantly question our methods and are always open to suggestions and proposals.



Your strong partner

In more than 15 years as litigation financer we have gathered extensive know-how in assessing cases. Our team of experienced and specialised lawyers has already examined more than 10,000 cases with a total claim value of over EUR seven billion.
As the largest German independent litigation financer, FORIS is a strong partner. We are a publicly traded stock corporation and independent of any parent. We are free in our decision making and have no conflicts of interest, with us, it does not matter who your opponent is.

Li­ti­ga­ti­on fi­nan­cing by FO­RIS

Enforce your rights. We assume the financial risk. Should you lose your case, FORIS bears the costs, also the adverse costs of your opponent.

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Mo­ne­ti­sa­ti­on by FO­RIS

As the front-runner in Germany, FORIS offers the monetisation of disputed claims. Liquidity instead of trouble and expense - with our revolutionary product you will receive your money while we take care of the struggle.

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Shelf com­pa­nies by FO­RIS

We provide you with a shelf company swiftly and securely, so you are immediately ready for action.

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