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power negotiating for women

a workshop with Kate Sweeney, Columbia University presented by FORIS

How can women effectively advocate for themselves while also establishing collaboration and connection with other parties? Women are less likely to ask, initiate, or be positively disposed towards negotiations. By viewing negotiation as problem solving, we can move it from being a winlose game to one of mutual benefit. Participants will learn ways to practice informal negotiating in everyday interactions to increase their ability and confidence, and improve their chances of getting more of what they want and deserve.

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Short Facts

Main Topics

Communication Skills
Interpersonal communication / Emotion regulation / Individual personality style

Negotiations Skills
Assessing negotiations / Manoeuvring difficult negotiations, strategies and tactics

When and where

16 - 17 September 2019

Hg Event Space, 2 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AP


1.490€ + VAT  -  Early Bird Discounted Rate until 30.06.2019

1.890€ + VAT

FORIS will donate all surpluses from the event to Kinderherzstiftung der Deutschen Herzstiftung e.V.“ in Bonn, a non-profit organisation, that helps children who suffer from heart conditions.

Interactive Learning

This interactive course will emphasize learning through real situations that participants bring to the program, as well as simulations and role-plays, small and large group activities and discussions, and assessments and questionnaires designed to promote understanding and adaptivity across varied negotiation situations.


Flyer of the event

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Registration contact

Ann-Cathrine Siepmann, FORIS
T +49 228 95750-22
F +49 228 95750-27

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Kate Sweeney / Columbia University

Kate Sweeney is an instructional designer and facilitator at Exec-Comm, specializing in presentation, client relationship and leadership skills. She brings extensive leadership development experience in both the United States and internationally.

Her expertise spans a wide variety of industries, for which she has trained individuals e.g. from top firms in Consulting, Banking, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail and High Tech. Kate lived and worked in countries as diverse as Japan, China, India, Italy and France. Besides working with private clients Kate teaches Strategic Communications at Columbia University’s Enterprise Risk Management Master’s Program. Before that, she worked amongst other things for the US Department of Defense, training military personnel in tactical and strategic leadership and communication skills.

Testimonials about Kate and her work

“This was an awesome workshop. It really makes you stop, think and decide what your answer should be for the situation you are in.” Leslie Keller, Manager, Chubb


“Kate brings both warmth and knowledge to what she does. She made the session fun, safe, and enlightening. I now have specific tools I can use to improve the way I communicate with stakeholders.” Katy Naronis, Vice President, American Express

Kontakt ‐ Wir sind für Sie da
Ihr Ansprechpartner
Ann-Cathrine Siepmann
Ann-Cathrine Siepmann Vorstandsassistenz
Kontakt ‐ Wir sind für Sie da
Ihr Ansprechpartner
Ann-Cathrine Siepmann
Ann-Cathrine Siepmann Vorstandsassistenz