Entrepreneurs who we have supported

Regardless of how strong your (potential) opponent is, we have experience when it comes to sizeable opponents. See for yourself:


An entrepreneur versus an insurance company

A building insurer refused to pay for the fire damages at a company amounting to 800,000 Euros because the entrepreneur had allegedly not sufficiently taken precautionary measures. In the litigation supported by FORIS, the judge decided against and ordered the insurer to pay.

An entrepreneur versus a corporation

A building contractor receives an order to remove a road embankment. While the work was being conducted, it turned out that the soil was contaminated. As the contracting party, a corporation, did not pay despite commitments of EUR 3 million, the contractor was in severe financial distress. After four years of litigation – FORIS assumed the costs risk — before three different courts—  and the corporation was ordered to pay up.

An entrepreneur versus a manufacturer

An auto supplier had bought a lathe for its production facilities. After three months, the system stopped production because of engine damage. The machine importer refused to replace it as required citing alleged misuse. In the case supported by FORIS, the court found grounds in product liability and ordered the importer to pay compensation.

Litigator versus state government

A trading company paid their tax debts to the state over a three-year period, and then the company had to file for bankruptcy. With FORIS as its partner, the litigator demanded the state repay the EUR 1.6 million in taxes, as the bankruptcy had been foreseeable, and the court ruled in its favour.

Individuals who we have supported

Individuals often do not know enough about the subject in order to assess the situation adequately from a legal standpoint. As a result, many people – even those with a good chance of a successful outcome shy away from legal action even when a lawyer advises they should. We can alleviate this reticence, as you have a strong partner to cover your back.


Inheritance claim against a nursing home

A woman bequeathed her entire fortune to a nursing home. After her death, a nephew, who had previously been her sole heir, challenged the testament and demanded access to her assets and for a plot of land to be entered into the land registry. With the help of FORIS AG, the heir was able to enforce his claims and agreed a very good settlement with the nursing home.

Wife versus husband

To secure their retirement, a husband signed a house along with a plot of land over to his wife. When the marriage broke down after 24 years, the husband claimed to know nothing of the agreement on their retirement and sold the property for his own profit. A case for FORIS: The court ordered the man to pay the entire sales proceeds to his ex-wife.

Building owner versus architect

A building owner hired an architect to draw up blueprints for a single-family home. As the house had been built on the land which had a gentle slope, the owner soon experienced water damage. The architect refused to pay compensation because the building owner had not requested comprehensive planning. Because the architect should have considered including information on the water drainage, the judges in the case supported by FORIS ordered him to pay.


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